Backfield In Motion Golf Tournament 2020
May 11, 10:00 AM – 2:00 PM
19 Springhouse Ln,
19 Springhouse Ln, Nashville, TN 37214, USA

It’s never too early to think about being on the golf course on a sunny day….. 

     Backfield in Motion will be hosting our annual golf tournament on May 11th of this year and hope that you, your company, or someone you know will be a participant this year. Backfield in Motion is a non-profit program designed to help inner-city, at-risk male students improve in academic comprehension, in and out of school behavior, and overall character that would allow them to be successful young men. In addition to those things, we use athletics as a means to energize their efforts to improve in the aforementioned areas.

     As you know, as a non-profit organization we operate solely on our fundraisers, grants, and donations. So, our golf tournament is one of our 2 major fundraisers of the year. We will use the funds raised to provide our students with quality teaching (we hire only certified teachers) in our tutoring sessions, books and other classroom manipulative, computers, and field trips.

     On the attachment, you will see that we are asking you to participate in any way you can, whether that be as a player, hole sponsor, team sponsor or overall tournament sponsor. Please remember that all your donations are tax deductible.

In the Spring, you will receive a form in the mail that will be your official sign-up form, but I wanted to send this out to you today so you can begin thinking about the capacity in which you would like to support our program.

     Thank you in advance for your willingness to support our efforts in helping the at-risk males in Backfield in Motion have an opportunity to be Educated, Engaged, and Empowered to become the best young men they can be, regardless of their current social or financial situation.

Click Here to Download Registration Form

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