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BIM Presents Business Proposal in Junior Achiever's Shark Tank

posted Nov 27, 2015, 9:38 PM by Joshua Love   [ updated Jan 20, 2016, 12:12 PM ]

Nashville, Tenn  - This September, the 4th and 1 (high school attendees) students of Backfield In Motion (BIM) began working on the Junior Achievement Company Program. The Program is a blended model unlocking students’ innate ability to solve a problem or fill a need in their community through an entrepreneurial endeavor.

This classroom base program engages a number of local organizations and schools, developing the expertise needed to create and maintain a business.

From the lessons, each student  sharpen their skills learning the importance of  accountability, creativity, critical thinking, collaboration, decision making, idea development, leadership, product evaluation, public speaking, sales, self-assessment, synthesizing and evaluating information and teamwork. Increasing the abilities needed for an individual wanting to start a business or become a great employee.

From all the past weeks work, the students were able to present their idea to the Junior Achievement Shark Tank event, this past Tuesday. During this event the BIM students pitched their proposal to investors in hopes of gaining the funds needed to begin their business.

Following their presentation, we are happy to announce, the 4th and 1 students received the funding needed to start their company, “615 Case!” The phone accessory business caters to teens and their love for being unique and protecting one of their favorite assets, cell phones.

The guys look forward to begin operating and providing merchandise for customers. Presently, the teens are working vigorously to implement their marketing plan and sales strategy.


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