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Backfield's Marva Bicknell Author's Children

posted Dec 10, 2015, 9:40 AM by Joshua Love
Nashville, Tenn – Marva Bicknell is an anchoring force in the Backfield in Motion (BIM). She is not only the grant writer, but also the joyous positive spirit of BIM.  Having the joy of creative writing, she most recently authored and published a children's book, Jon's Bouncing Ball: Yellowstone National Park.

In the book, Marva brings the delight of her Native American heritage, motherhood experience of a son born with Down Syndrome, and the talents for wordsmithing in her first edition of the “Jon’s Bouncing Ball” series. The book is recommended for children from birth through 5th grade with a Curriculum Guide soon available for teachers.

Jon’s first adventure explores Yellowstone National Park. On his exploration, with the guide of an Arapaho Elder, Jon bounces his ball through our “National Treasure,” the great Yellowstone Park, learning about its sights, sounds, and wildlife. Jon’s Bouncing Ball teaches children how to care for “Mother Earth,” importance of conservation, and individuals with special challenges have the same interest and enjoyment of learning and adventure as typical children!

Through the sale of each book, a portion of the profits will be given to Backfield in Motion to continue its community efforts.

Jon's Bouncing Ball: Yellowstone National Park is now available to purchase. Please click here for book and purchasing information.