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Backfield in Motion Looking Forward to 'Big Payback' Campaign

posted May 2, 2016, 12:49 PM by Joshua Love

Nashville, Tenn - This year Backfield in Motion (BIM) will once again, participate in the Middle Tennessee Community Foundation's 'Big Payback.' An event spanning over 24 hours, encouraging individuals to donate to their desired nonprofit and/or cause.

This year, BIM is requesting donation to fund the renovations and equipment upgrades for their computer lab. This computer lab is currently used by the GED program offered by the organization, but are wanting to expand the use to program's middle and high school students.

In this new age of teaching and learning, a number students receive computer based homework and study material. With the donations, BIM will be able to properly serve those students. 

BIM is not a sports driven organization. It's an organization that understands, in order to become an athlete at your school, you must be a student first!

To donate and more information about the 'Big Payback,' please visit